Giving Thanks...

I've seen several Facebook friends post daily about what they're thankful for throughout the month. While I'm not as active on Facebook as I probably could be, I figured a blog post dedicated to what I'm thankful for would be a great way to put things into perspective for me. I'll try to keep this short and sweet.  But, here's just a few (of the many) things that I'm thankful for this year. Warning- it could get a little bit sappy. :)

 My Family
I have a pretty small, close-knit family. And I'm so thankful for how well we get along. Between the daily group texts and Sunday lunches at McAlister's, I love how close we have become. I enjoy every second I get to spend with them! 

My Best Friends
How many people can say that today they're just as close of friends as they were when they were Freshmen in high school? I can. We're in our mid-twenties, and we still enjoy our dinner and drinks on the weekends, get together for game nights, plan shopping days, and more. Sure, it could change when we all get married, have babies, etc., but today I'm grateful that we all realize that we won't always be in our mid-twenties... and we sure know how to make memories together to last us a lifetime! 

My Nephew
I never knew how much I could love a child, and he's not even mine! Carter is the center of my world. Could it be because he's the only baby in the family? Possibly. If he's in town, he comes first. Whether I'm watching "Choo Choo Thomas" for hours on end, playing basketball and baseball, or watching him make a mess with chocolate chip pancakes, I just can't get enough of that sweet boy. 

 My Boyfriend
When it comes to my main squeeze, Ben, I’m thankful that I never gave up on us. We always joke that we never had a “honeymoon phase.” After living 22+ years of our lives without each other, it took a long time, and many frustrating days, for us to truly get to know one another. They say “Nothing in life worth having comes easy.” And that’s was our relationship. Now, 2 years later, I’ve never been happier than he makes me. It’s easy. And it feels right. And that lets me know that it was all worth it. He’s my support system. He pushed me to start this blog, and he pushes me every day to continue doing something I love doing. I’m so grateful that God led me to a healthy and happy relationship! (I warned you this could get mushy!) 

 Skype & What'sApp
This technology has allowed me to keep in touch with my best friend (and her hubbie!) all the way in London. It's amazing. And if you didn't already know, WhatsApp is a free text messaging app you can use to text anyone in the world! Free! But I'd use it even it wasn't free. :)

   My health
Growing up with a sister who had Leukemia and being involved with summer camps for children with cancer, cystic fibrosis, blood disorders, etc. I know how blessed I am to have the health that I have. I can enter my doctor's office without having to check a box other than "none of the above." I'm so grateful. I pray every day for continued health for not only myself, but also my loved ones. 

I'm sure I could think of some more, but I promised to keep it short and sweet. 
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

xo, Mal


  1. Adorable photos! This is a really sweet post :)

    xx Ellie

  2. This is the time of year to get a little sappy! Great post.

  3. Oh my goodness, that picture of you and your nephew is beyond adorable. Lovely post, hun. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo



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