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If I had a dollar for every "best teeth whitener" phrase I have entered into Google... I might have about $20. [Let's not be over-dramatic here]. There's something about white teeth that makes me feel better about my smile. How about you? I've tried every many different brands. The best luck I've had so far is with the good 'ole Crest Whitening Strips back when I was in high school. 

But it's a love-hate relationship with strips. I love the end result, but I cry like a baby hate when I have tooth sensitivity. That was the biggest problem for me with the Crest Strips. Terrible, terrible sensitivity. And that was the major reason why I had a hard time finishing other boxes of strips. I have quite the collection of half-used whitening strip boxes.

So I went on a [Google] search for a whitener that produces real results without the sensitivity... if that was even such a thing. And I came across this little gem: Luster Premium White. What drew me in was the fact that there are no strips. It's just a gel and an LED light. And Luster guarantees zero tooth sensitivity. 

Luster Whitening Claims: 
"In just one hour you can experience significantly whiter teeth with no tooth sensitivity. The secret is in the light activation technology. The high-energy Activating Whitening Light activates the proprietary Super Whitener Gel to significantly whiten your teeth in only 60 minutes. Zero tooth sensitivity. Zero rebound effect. Dentist designed. Clinically proven whitening results. Satisfaction guaranteed." 

What do you get? And how does it work?
In the box, you get a large bottle of whitening rinse, a small tube of gel [with a brush applicator], and the handheld activating light [with batteries!]. 

Step 1: Rinse with 10ml of the mouth wash for 10 seconds. 
Step 2: Brush the gel on to each tooth. Wait about 15 seconds for it to dry.
Step 3: Place the light against your teeth, press the button, wait 2 minutes. The light beeps and goes off automatically when 2 minutes is up. Then just rinse it all out! 

Side note: the girl on the box looks like a professional at this. 
I didn't feel so pretty while holding the light to my teeth. 

The box says if you want instant whitening, then you should repeat these steps 10-20 times in one hour. Or you can just spread the treatments out over however many days you wish. 
I opted for the five day treatment, which meant I repeated these steps 4 times [at night] for 5 nights straight. Five days is pretty quick if you ask me!

Here's a shot of the ingredients and warnings for those curious! 

My results: 
I forgot to take a before shot, but I would say my teeth weren't too terrible before. But they were definitely yellow from my coffee and diet coke addiction. The yellowest part of my teeth were the sides. Maybe I don't brush correctly, but those were noticeably more yellow than my front teeth. On the shade range sheet provided in the box, I measured myself at an 8. Now I would say I'm a 1 or 2. 

This is in natural lighting... and no Photoshopping! 

I love the results. And the best part, I have ZERO tooth sensitivity! Not even an inkling. So if you want good whitening results with zero sensitivity-- this is your jam! I have some left over and will continue to use whenever I want to touch up right before a weekend or something special! 

Where can you find Luster? 
I found mine at Target and it happened to be on sale for $35.00. I think it's regularly around $40. Which is about the same price you will pay for strips. It's also on Amazon

Disclaimer: I was in no way paid for this review. I bought this product with my own money. 
Luster has no clue who I am! I just like to share a good product that has worked for me!

Have you ever used Luster Teeth Whitening? 
What kind of whitening products have you had good luck with? 


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