happy friday, y'all!

Helllooooo weekend! Not a lot on the agenda this weekend, but that's a good thing!

1. Visited Jefferson Island last Saturday. We had a great lunch on the lake and a tour of the grounds and gardens, it was nice! It was interesting to learn about Ben's family history. I had no idea that place existed until we started dating, but I wouldn't mind visiting more often! 

2. I had an awesome dinner on Sunday with these ladies. I miss our wine nights, but margaritas were just as good! 

3. New Nikes! Now that I'm sticking with my workout routine, I've rewarded myself (or maybe I just found a really awesome deal at the Nike Outlet). While these are not the ones I've been stalking, these were half the price, the exact same color, and supported my arch the best. I'm excited about this.

4. A fresh mani + new summer purse = total instagram moment.

5. I miss my Carter bear so much. I've been depending on Facetime, since I really don't know the next time I'll see him. Thank you modern technology. 

See more H54F posts on Lauren's blog! Have a good weekend!! 

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