happy friday, y'all!

1. I highly recommend that you go see Pitch Perfect this weekend. It's hilarious and it was filmed on LSU's campus (my alma mater)! Warning: this movie will make you wish you knew how to sing and dance. 

2. Who doesn't look hot pink and leopard print together? 

3. I haven't bought new heels in a long time, so I picked these up from Frock Candy to wear to a wedding tomorrow. 

4. My Sigma Performance Eye Brushes came in yesterday! I have small eyelids which makes putting on eye shadow a somewhat difficult task. I've heard good things about this set, so I'm excited to see how these work for me. 

5.  My dad turned 60 this week; and to celebrate we ate dinner at Portico. Love spending QT with my dad and nephew! 

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  1. I have been wanting to see pitch perfect! Now I can't wait :)


  2. Ooh! Let us know what you think of the brushes... I have the same issue (with smaller eyes) as you, so I'll be anxious to hear!

  3. o0o that movie is on my list to watch!! I love sigma brushes. Have a good weekend!


  4. I love those shoes!!! I have been looking for a good set of brushes for eyes and face,let me know how those work out for you. Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. Love your blog!!! I've been dying to see Pitch Perfect!

  6. let me know how those brushes work for you! I have the same problem!! :)

    Andrea and the Beauty Blog

  7. Those are really beautiful heels! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

    Also, I have nominated you for a Laine Blogger Award! Hopefully you haven't already received one :) Check out my blog for details!

    x Ellie

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  9. Fun pics, hope you had a great weekend!!

    xo Ashley


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