happy friday, y'all!

1. Sundays are for hanging out with your nephew and taking him to get ice cream... and letting him pick out all the toppings he wants. #bestauntaward 

2. I do not wear glitter nail polish unless it's an accent nail... until this week. I spotted a bottle of "Big Money" at my boyfriend's apartment [his roommate's girlfriend's polish]. And I had to have it. I loved it, until it came time to remove it last night. Such.a.pain. 

3. My dad [Mr. Hire-Someone-Else-To-Build-You-A-Mantel] finally gave in to my endless begging and built, with his own hands and tools, this amazing fireplace mantel for my condo. All that was there before was the brick. I think he did an amazing job. Hmmmm, what else can I get him to build for me? 

4. Game night with the girls was a success. We had all the food, sweets, and Halloween decor that a game night party could have. I made some bite size apple pies that turned out amazing, thinking about sharing the recipe on the blog next week! 

5. I pre-ordered the Lauren Conrad Beauty book, my first pre-order experience, and I am SO excited it came in this week! Going to start reading it next week. 

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  1. Fridays are the best! That ice cream looks amazing.
    Newest follower, hope you can check out my latest DIY and enter my contest.

  2. Your new mantel looks amazing!! I'd have my dad over all the time if he built stuff like that. :) Also, what is that dip next to the apples? Looks like it could be really good.

  3. It's a pumpkin pie dip I made. Compliments of Pinterest :) it was very tasty if I do say so myself.

    Check out my blog! ilikebigbooks1.blogspot.com

  4. Ps. Do you use 100% acetone to take off your polish? If not, try that (Walmart $2). I never have a problem removing polishes.


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