Happy Friday, Y'all!

It's been about a week since my last post. My bad. I have no excuses, other than I've been shopping doing things in my spare time that I need to get done! :)

1. I ran my first road race last weekend. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? I gave myself two goals: do not walk, and finish under 40 minutes. I was excited to see my time of 31:07 at the finish line. We had so much fun! Can't wait to do another one. 

2. Everyone deserves a Bloody Mary on a Sunday morning. In this case, it was a Bloody Mason.

3.  I finally found the Essie holiday collection. It was like Heaven's gates opened as soon as I spotted them. I picked up Leading Lady and Beyond Cozy. Both scream "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" I'm in love. 

4. My sister loves to borrow just about everything I own. Here she's wearing my shirt, shoes, makeup, and nail polish. But I think she looks great :)

5. I reached 10,000 pageviews this week! Thanks everyone who checks out my little blog, whether it's on a regular basis or just something you've stumbled upon in the blogosphere. 'Preciate it! 

Check out more H54F posts on Lauren's blog! 

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! 


  1. I have been striking out with the holiday collection nail polish too. I need to stop by Ulta this weekend I think.

  2. Congrats on 10,000 pageviews! I love those Essie colors :)

  3. Love those nail polishes! I need to get more Essie's! Stopping by from the link up, hope you have a fabulous weekend! =)


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