Tips for Your New Year's Night Out!

Happy Friday, y'all! 
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I've been enjoying some time off of work by stepping away from the computer and just enjoying a break! But today I wanted to share a few tips I'll be using on New Year's to help my makeup last all night long.

My friends and I have a fun night out planned for New Year's Eve. I'm looking forward to being with my friends-- getting ready, doing our hair & makeup, and seeing how much glitter and sequins will cover the floors of our hotel room by the time we are ready to leave. Even if you aren't planning to do anything on December 31, you can use these tips for any night out! 

Exfoliating Face Wash
The first step is starting with a fresh face. Use an exfoliating face wash. I prefer to use the Neutrogena Deep Clean daily scrub. It contains rice protein, which soaks up excess oil and keeps you shine-free for hours. 

Foundation Primer
I feel like I can't preach the benefits of using foundation primer enough. Primer is key for helping your foundation adhere to a fresh face. Without a primer, your foundation can more easily fade away throughout the day/night. Especially if you have oily skin. I recommend Smashbox or Prestige primer.

 Eyeshadow Primer
Just like foundation, your eye shadow also needs a base to stick to in order for it to last. Many brands make an eyeshadow primer. Urban Decay primer potion (in Eden) works best for me. It has a light neutral color to it, which cancels out redness and discoloration on my eyelids, and creates a nice base for eye shadow. Using a lighter colored base will also help your vibrant, shimmery shadows pop just a little bit better. Another tip-- apply a little primer under your lower lashes to keep eyeliner in place.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
If you wear a liquid foundation, you should set it with a powder to “lock” it in. This powder will instantly mattify your foundation and concealer without it looking cakey. Do yourself a favor and pick up Rimmel Stay Matte at your nearest drugstore if you haven't already! 

MAC Fix + (or just plain water!)
MAC Fix + is a versatile product. Its most popular use is as a setting spray after you've applied all of your makeup. However, if you plan to use glittery eyeshadow and want to prevent major fallout, I suggest spraying your shadow brush with MAC Fix +, then pick up the glitter, and apply to your eye lids. You can get a similar effect by just wetting your brush with running water. 

Makeup Setting Spray
The last step to ensure long-lasting makeup is using a setting spray. Urban Decay makes the All Nighter spray that you can get at any Ulta or Sephora. Just spritz a little bit all of your face after your makeup is done and you're good to go. 

What should you keep in your clutch? 
I'm not one to touch up my makeup throughout the night. After using a few extra steps in your makeup application, you really shouldn't have to! But I do like to pack just a few things in case I'm in the restroom and need to do a quick touch up. You just never know! Aside from the usual necessities, I'll have my NYX blotting sheets to keep oil at bay, my favorite lip balm, lip stick, eyeliner and some mints! 

What products or tips do you use for long-lasting makeup?
What kind of NYE plans do you have? 

Have a great weekend and... Happy New Year! 


  1. great tips :)

  2. Love these tips - bookmarking for later use. Hope you had a great holiday! Happy new year!

    xo Ashley

  3. Great tips- we have very similar makeup styles. Hope your New Years was fabulous! I'm your newest follower; feel free to stop by my blog anytime and follow back :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  4. Love the rimmel stay matte powder! Thanks for the recommendation. It took a lot of the shine away. And the green tea blotting papers are really good..esp after a 12hr shift!

  5. Great tips! I like to use my clarisonic, it's literally eliminated all the shine I usually get on my T zone! I pretty much use all of these products! haha, great beauty minds think alike ;)

    <3, Mel


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