holiday decor!


 I just wanted to share the holiday goodness around my apartment. This is my second Christmas here and the most exciting change since last year is my fireplace mantel. I have my amazing father to thank for that fine piece of craftsmanship. There's something about a decorated fireplace mantel for the holidays that just puts me in the spirit. 

Here's a list of where most of it is from, in case you're interested. 

Wreath: Target
Mirrored Mosaic Trees: Target
Reindeer Stocking Holders: Hobby Lobby
Jennifer and Fritz Stockings: Etsy
M & B Stockings: Bed, Bath & Beyond
Martini Glasses: Target
Mirrored Tray: Target
White Feather Tree: Target
Ho Ho Ho print: Target (it's a Christmas card)
Noel Towels: Target

xo, Mal


  1. I love the reindeer stocking holders! I have considered that wreath from Target too, mine is too similar to justify another one though. It looks great on your door!

  2. These decorations are amazing!! I love Christmas decorations!

  3. Love these decorations! Great job!

    xo Augenie



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