February Birchbox

Couture La La Perfume
This is a brand new perfume from Juicy Couture called La La. Of all the perfume samples I get, this is one of my favorites. It's up there with Kate Spade Twirl. 

theBalm MaryLou Manizer (highlighter)
I already own a full size of this product and I LOVE it. The full size compact is travel-friendly, but I can't complain about being able to sneak this little guy into my purse. More beauty products in my purse... just what I need. 

Tigi Flexible Hairspray
 Don't think I've ever tried a Tigi product before. And I just ran out of my travel size Tresemme hairspray so I'll be giving this a shot. 

Dr. Lipp Lip Balm
Was curious about this product so I looked it up online to see what this is all about. The Birchbox site says: "Packed with all-natural ingredients, the thick, creamy formula is clinically proven to repair rough, flaky lips in just one hour." One hour, huh? Have not tried this yet, but I'm going to put it to the test.

Ghirardelli Chocolate (the extra)
I love chocolate. Thanks Birchbox. 

Overall, it's a good box. But, not gonna lie, I've been eyeing other subscription services and thinking about trying more. Ahhh somebody stop me! My "sample drawer" is already out of control. So, just curious if anyone else subscribes to other beauty or lifestyle boxes and how satisfied you are with them. I've been getting Birchbox for well over a year, and I'm happy with them. For $10, I don't see myself ever cancelling. But we do see a lot of the same brands, so I'm interested to see how different other subscription services are. Let me know if you have experience with other boxes! 

xo, Mal


  1. Loved and followed your blog! Would love if you check mine out:

    Dina :)

  2. I subscribe to the new beauty test tube.... every 3 months you get several full size products + the new beauty magazine for $30. I love it! Check it out!

  3. i really want to subscribe to a monthly box service, still not sure which one though x

  4. I've heard about that lip balm before! And I love that Birchbox included Ghirardelli Chocolate :)

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  5. Anonymous2/20/2013

    Love all the products and also your blog!


  6. I don't know how many birchbox posts I've seen, and I get just as jealous every time I see another one. I really wish I could get that where I live. Great post, looks like it came with some really good products. And chocolate is always a winner. I just found your blog, and I really like it. I will definitely be following! :) Please check out my blog too if you have some time <3
    xx, Siri

  7. I've never tried one of these subscription services before but they look so fun! I love your blog! So glad I found it! I'm following :D I would love if you stopped by mine sometime~! :)



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