new maybelline lip products

If you visit CVS or Target as often as I do, you may have noticed all kinds of new displays. 
I am loving pretty much all of what Maybelline has been coming out with. Today I'm talking about the new Color Sensational Vivid Lipsticks and Color Whispers

First up, the lipsticks. What drew me to these were the intense colors. There are no nude shades in this line; It's all about the pinks, plums, reds and corals. I much prefer pink lipstick, so I picked up Pink Pop and Hot PlumPink Pop is more of my go-to color, and Hot Plum is a fun/risky choice for me. I'm really loving both colors. 
The swatches above are with just one or two swipes. That's some serious pigmentation!
These don't claim to be a long-wearing lip color, but they wear just fine throughout the day. You'll have to re-apply every couple hours to keep the color intensity, but that's pretty standard. These glide on so smoothly, and that's probably because they contain honey nectar. I'm really impressed! 
There's 10 shades in this line, so if you see some colors you like, I highly recommend picking some up! 

And now the Color Whispers. 
These claim to be "truly translucent gel color, with no heavy waxes or oils, for just a kiss of shine." 
There are 20 shades in this line, so it was hard to choose just a couple. 

Here are swatches of the two shades I picked up. I don't recommend any of the nude shades (unless you just want it for the hydration) because these are very sheer, but then again that's the point. I of course purchased a pink shade, and the coral looks like a nice color for the summer time. These are very hydrating, add just a wash of color, and they lasted longer on my lips than I expected. 

Since these are quite sheer, these will show up differently on everyone, it just depends on your natural lip color. I'm really liking these too-- might have to go back and pick up more colors!

Which colors are you loving? 
xo, Mal


  1. I have heard great things about these! I am just getting the guts to actually wear lip color so the sheerness may be just what I need! Thanks for your opinion!

  2. I can't wait to try these, keep hearing about them!

    xo Ashley

  3. there all so pretty x

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  4. I've heard really great things about these! I really enjoy Maybelline lipsticks as is, so I'll definitely need to give these a try!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  5. Coral Ambition and Pink Pop are my go to lip colors right now!



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