happy friday y'all!

So this week I finally stopped being lazy and started blogging again. Just in time for a Friday post! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 

1. Started off the week with brunch (and a bloody mason) with my boyfriend and his parents. Love some quality time over a meal. 

2. Finally (a year and a half later) put a bookcase in my living room to fill the empty nook. It "only" took me three hours and two mistakes to put it together all by my handy-woman self. I really like it! 

3. A Sephora VIB sale meant picking up two things that have been on my wishlist since the beginning of time. NARS turkish delight and Tarte amazonian blush in amused. I'm in love with both. 

4. When I saw this tee, I knew I had to have it. Chanel + Nola love is my kind of jam. Loving the white version... but now I want all the colors... 

5. Tomorrow will be the first time I've ever sold things in a garage sale. I feel like I've covered every inch of my condo for things to sell. Getting rid of old crap makes me feel lighter already.  Maybe I'm weird, but I don't think I was born with a sentimental bone in my body. I have no problem getting rid of things, I just hope most of it sells! 

Check out Wednesday's post if you haven't already! And, see more H54F posts on Lauren's blog. Happy Friday! xoxo



  1. I LOVE that shirt!!! I have fallen in love with NOLA this year, best city ever!
    I have been swooning over that tarte amazonian blush also! So glad you got to knock those two off your list!

    Happy Weekend

  2. Mallory, good job getting your bookcase put up by yourself. looks like you have some nice books to shelve!
    that NARS lip color looks really pretty!
    good luck with your garage sale--getting rid of stuff feels so good!
    new follower :)

  3. I took full advantage of the Sephora VIB sale too! I got more of my Origins VitaZing, a Stila cream blush, and a Bobbi Brown cream blush. I have a few of those Tarte blushes though and absolutely love them. Have a great weekend!

  4. Anonymous4/15/2013

    Lovely pictures! I love your watch, it's very pretty!


  5. Anonymous4/17/2013

    What did you think of the NARS turkish delight? Hehe I also have no problem cleaning out & getting rid of things - unless it's really important to me, then I'll keep it :) Great post - I just found you blog and can't wait to read more! I followed you on bloglovin' - if you follow back then thank you :D

    Robyn xox


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