spring cleaning your makeup drawers

It's definitely Spring here in Louisiana and I'm excited. I didn't think I would do much spring cleaning this year because I figured I cleaned out my place pretty regularly, but it's amazing what can multiply in just a few months. While constantly trying to keep my vanity area clean and organized, I went on a major "spring cleaning spree" recently, so I thought I'd share how you can decide what products to keep and what products to toss if you do the same.

Cream-based products include things like liquid foundation, cream blush, and cream eye shadows. Toss those after a maximum of 8 months.

Liquid eye products include mascara and liquid eyeliner. Of all my makeup, I am most diligent about throwing out mascara regularly. That little tube is a haven for bacteria growth. As someone who wears contacts, I have enough eye issues to worry about, and contracting pink eye or something like that is not on my to-do list.

Powder products such as blush, bronzer, and highlighters can last up to about 18 months. This is probably the one I don't follow like I should. Mainly because of blush. I just have too many and could not part with them until they're completely used up.

Lip sticks and lip glosses should be able to last you a couple of years. I just use my best judgement when going through the lippies. If it's a thick, goopy and sticky consistency, then it gets tossed in the trash.

Pencil products like lip liner, eyeliner, and shadow sticks can last up to 3 years if sharpened regularly. I don't use a ton of pencil products, mainly just eyeliners, so if I'm not using and sharpening it regularly, I have no problem tossing.

Nail polish can last a few years, it just depends on the brand, formula, and consistency. If you're a nail polish hoarder like myself, you probably keep longer than is recommended. I do keep an eye on them though. I throw away top coats once they get too thick and unmanageable. But color polishes, umm... keeping maybe forever. 

Other things I suggest you clean and sanitize is your eyelash curler, tweezers and brush holders. 
I like to wipe each down with Clorox wipes. Takes just a minute. Maybe two.

One thing to keep in mind when going through your makeup is the packaging. For example, if it's a pump foundation, rather than a jar, that foundation is more sanitary and is okay to use for probably a year. If you're constantly dipping your finger or a dirty brush into a jar, it obviously will increase chances of bacteria growth.

Each product can be subjective. Use your best judgement. Sometimes I get scared to toss makeup because I feel I might "miss it." I've learned that I rarely miss anything because once it's out of site, it's out of mind. If I really need it, I just re-purchase it. Simple as that.



  1. yay you are back in action! I missed reading your posts girl!

    Its so hard for me to spring clean out my makeup collection because I feel attached to all of my products! Even if I dont like them!

    I am going to try and be better at it this spring! I know there are liquid foundations that got to go!

    1. Thanks Candice! Glad to be back! :)

  2. Ooo... Thanks for this! I think I need to go clean out my makeup bag!

  3. This is a great reference guide. Thanks!!


  4. Great guide (and reminder) for cleaning out your makeup. I always loathe doing this but it must be done!
    Lovely blog, I look forward to more posts from you.



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