happy friday, y'all!

Happy Friday, y'all! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 

1. Me and Benjamin made two years on Tuesday. I'm so grateful for two wonderful years with my hunny, and I'm looking forward to mannnyyy more. Can't wait for our date night on Saturday! 

2. Trying out Michael Todd Skincare now that I've completely used up my current cleanser and toner. Look for a review once I've had a chance to try it out for a while. 

3. Gray nails for gray skies. These days I feel like I live in Seattle. Rain, rain, and more rain to come...

4. If there's one good thing about the holidays being over, it's that it's finally Mardi Gras Season in South Louisiana! Mom and I made this wreath with some leftover mesh and party store items. I thought it was pretty good for a first-time wreath maker. 

5. Finally got some quality time with my Carter Bear last night. Can't wait to spend more time with my little man (and Thomas... the train) this weekend. 

How was your week?
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xo, Mal


  1. Congrats to you and your man on the 2 years! And I looove the gray nail polish!


  2. Congrats on your two year anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating :) And I'm curious about that skincare range, I haven't heard of it before!

    xx Ellie

  3. Anonymous1/13/2013

    Darling nails!

  4. Heey, your posts engage me very well :)
    Would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

  5. Such cute shots, just found your blog and it's adorable! Would love for you to stop by mine if you have the chance! Have a great Monday!
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings

  6. I so love this post: it's so fun and adorable! I LOVE the Mardi gras wreath, it looks stunning! And your little man is the most adorable kid ever!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  7. ahh another LOUISIANA blogger friend!!! I just found your blog from ashnfashn!! I am so excited you have such a great blog! I live near Slidell!! Small world..anyways! following u now on gfc, twitter, bloglovin, instagram and pinterest! would love for u to follow back :)

    XO Meghan

  8. Obsessed with your manicure!! What polishes did you use?


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