LORAC PRO Palette review + swatches

Today's post is featuring my newest love. The LORAC Pro Palette! 

Here's a little back story on how I finally purchased this palette.  
*cue flashback scene* It was early December. I was buying Christmas presents and kept eyeing the Lorac palette. My sister and I had just purchased all new makeup for her birthday. But, no eye shadows. I knew Linz would love the palette. So like a good sister, I went back and picked it up for her. But then it just kept staring at me in my room... unwrapped, in all of its mysterious glory like "Hey, I'm a palette you don't own yet. I dare you to not open me!" Yes, these are real conversations I have with myself sometimes. No shame people. So, obviously, I caved. I couldn't bare the thought of not opening it and having some fun with those shades. So I went and bought another one. And you know what, no buyer's remorse here! 

Here's an overall view of the shades. I've use this palette a lot already, so please excuse the "used" look! :)
The top row are completely matte shades. The bottom row are either shimmery or satin finish shades. 
That makes a total of 16 shades for $42.00. 

What drew me to this palette were the matte shades. I love matte eye shadows. And I don't think brands provide enough matte shades in their palettes. Especially the original Naked palette.

And here are the swatches. As always, the lighter shades are hard to capture on camera. 
For an all matte eye shadow look, I like using lt. pink in the inner corner, mauve on the lid, sable and espresso on the outer corner, and white or cream as a highlight shade on the brow bone. 

The shimmery shadows are even more pigmented. Nude, pewter, and gold are my most-used shades so far. I like using my Maybelline Color Tattoos (in bold gold and bad to the bronze) as base colors, and just experimenting with this row of colors. They compliment each other well and you can't really mess up.

I really like the packaging. It's very sleek and slim- much slimmer than the Naked palettes. The only drawback is the black casing attracts any fallout from the shadows, so it tends to look dirty fast. The palette also comes with a travel size of the Lorac Behind the Scenes eye primer. 

Like I said, it's $42.00 for 16 eyeshadows. You're paying a little over $2.00 for each. I'd say that's well worth your money if you love neutral eye palettes! 

I have honestly been reaching for this palette almost every day since I bought it. I didn't include it in my 2012 favorites, only because I bought it a week before the end of December, and I felt like I hadn't used it enough to really de-throne the Naked 2 palette yet. But, I will say that this palette will get a lot of use in 2013 and I highly recommend picking it up if you've been eyeing it! 

PS: You can also find me on Ashley's blog today: AshnFashn! Check it out!

xo, Mal


  1. This is such a gorgeous Palette! Nice shades for auturm/winter too. Do you know if you can get this in the UK? Id be dying to try it!

    Mel x

  2. love this palette! thank you for reviewing it - i am trying to experiment more with makeup / eye colours and this might be the perfect palette to help me do that!


  3. I love Lorac, I bought a small palette with four colors to take on a 2 week trip and fell in love. I think I need this palette!

  4. This palette looks so good! I think my very first high-end eyeshadow palette was from LORAC a looong time ago... I received it as a gift and I don't think I understood at the time how nice it was! I'll have to check this out next time I'm in Sephora. And your photos are great here!!

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  5. So prettty!!!
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  6. I got this palette for Christmas and really like it a lot. I loved the idea of the Naked palette but hated that they didn't have enough matte shadows. I love how sleek this is for the number of shades you get. It is perfect for travel.


  7. Hi Mallory! I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog award! Your nomination is back on my blog via this post: http://www.designyourdwelling.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-liebster-blog-award.html

  8. Oooh I love this palette..I definitely need to keep up with you and your makeup tips/suggestions. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to my makeup (aka boring). Love your blog! :o)

  9. I'm hoping Sephora has it in stock the next time I go there. I love all of the colors in this palette!


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