maybelline color tattoos review

I bet you didn’t know I have six tattoos. Yes, SIX!
Okay, lame joke. Everyone knows I’m scared of needles. So, no, I haven’t actually inked myself (yet), but I do own some of the best drugstore eye shadows ever.

These Maybelline Color Tattoos are a cream shadow that can be worn as eye shadow or used as a primer/base. 

One of the reasons I love these shadows is because I don't have to apply a primer first. As you know, I have oily eyelids and this is the only shadow that I will wear with no primer. These will last around 8 hours on me w/ no primer. 

The color tattoos also don’t require a brush for application. I like just using my ring finger, and they blend nicely on their own without needing brushes. 

All but one of these shades are available on a regular basis. The only shade I'm mentioning that is limited edition is Barely Beige. 

Too Cool:
Too Cool is your basic shimmery bright white. I use Too Cool as a base for any light shadow to help it appear more like it’s true color. It can also be worn alone or in your inner color as a nice brightener/highlight.

Barely Beige:
Barely Beige is one of their four new shades for Fall. I haven’t used it much because, but so far I am loving it. Many people compare this to MAC's paint pot in painterly
**This shade is LIMITED EDITION** If you want your hands on it, I suggest looking for it now. 

Tough as Taupe:
Tough as Taupe I kind of regret buying and don’t think I will get much use of. It is a matte taupe and does not compliment my eyes that well. It’s a little dull for me. So, I don’t really recommend this one if you don’t like matte eye shadows.

Bad to the Bronze:
Bad to the Bronze is my most-used shade. I will toss this in my purse some days just because it’s the easiest color to apply to get an instant “full eye shadow” look in five seconds. It almost looks like multiple colors when on your eyes. I love it! This is probably their most popular shade.

Bold Gold:
Bold Gold is one of the original colors, but I bought it recently when I got Barely Beige. This is a gorgeous lighter gold color that will be great for Fall. I've worn it a couple times and it does not disappoint.

Pomegranate Punk:
This is the only one of the “colors that wasn’t neutral” that I could see myself wearing often. This is a really gorgeous shimmery plum/pomegranate color. Really, really pretty!

Other things to note:
I love the packaging. It’s in a sleek glass container-- very easy to pack if you’re traveling.

These claim to last 24 hours, but I don’t recommend wearing eye shadow for 24 hours. But, if you must, I would say use a primer for 24-hour wear.

There are four new limited edition shades at drugstores and Target right now. I found mine at Rite Aid. Have not seen them at Ulta, yet. I want to get my hands on one more-- Mossy Green. Looks like a shimmery dark olive green. Again, perfect for fall!

These retail for $6.99 and you can find them at any drugstore, Target, or Ulta. 
Click here to see their original shades that are regularly available.

Have you tried these Maybelline Color Tattoos yet? Do you own any of the new Fall shades? Tell me your favorites! 


  1. So glad you posted this...i can't wait to try them!

  2. I am totally going get the Bad to the Bronze color. I've been looking for a color I could wear during the day that I can easily apply and also, I haven't been able to find a brown that I like. If you wear the color doesn't that mean you should go to a brown eyeliner or can you still use black?

  3. What pretty colors! Thanks for the review...I was wondering about them.

  4. I have to tell you, after reading your review, I went to Ulta and purchased three of these. I.AM.IN.LOVE. These are AMAZING! I love that I do not have to use a primer, the color lasts ALL day, the pigment in them is simply amazing, and let's not forget to mention the compliments I get when wearing them! Thank you for the review and helping me find a new favorite!!!

    1. I'm so glad that you love them as much as I do! Thank you for sharing this! :)

      xo, Mal


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