high five for friday

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you've had a good week, and have an even better weekend! Linking up w/ Lauren again today, so check her out too

1. I decided to sport the top knot this week in memory of Miley Cyrus' hair seeing as how it was the haircut heard around the world. You might be thinking what I was thinking, didn't she just cut her hair? Yes, she did. But now, she's rocking the pixie cut. I'm still undecided about if she's trying too hard, OR if this really is her style. Either way, she seems happy with it, so the more power to her. What do y'all think about Miley's new do?

2. Who has the best friends in the world? This girl. My two best friends and I enjoyed some relaxation massages at Bumble Lane Spa on Wednesday. Uh-may-zing. If I could afford to get one once a week, I totally would.

3. I'm headed to Houston this weekend and I'm excited! Galleria + girls weekend + totally acting like tourists = my idea of a good time! I'm ready to hit up some stores that we don't have here, and stock up on some Fall necessities! 

4. Two of my friends started blogs this week! It's a good feeling to know you inspire people to start doing a hobby that you love doing as well. My roommate Jennifer is writing about her life, much of which is centered around her big ole puppy Fritz, short for Fritchard. My friend Erin is a book lover, and is writing about her love of books and all the things she is reading. Check them out!! 

5. It's not often that my boyfriend's friends are in town. They all live in north Louisiana and Texas. So, as a nice little surprise, a couple of his buddies came in town and we got to enjoy dinner at Sammy's and just hang out. They're so much fun and I hate not being able to see them more. Getting old has some major disadvantages!  

How did your week go? Any fun plans for the weekend? I'm working on some fun new posts for next week, so be on a look out for those! 


  1. "in memory of miley cyrus' hair" lol. I really don't like her new do, but I love yours!
    I love your blog


  2. Love your top knot! Looks great!! Found you via High Five for Friday! Love your blog:)



  3. seriously... miley cyrus' hurr is adorbs. if you don't like your hurr, the good news is it always grows!!

    Found you through H54F link up!

    xo, Bev

  4. thanks for the shout out mal pal :) i think we should do massages once a quarter :)
    have fun in houston - see ya when i get back :)

  5. A spa day sounds amazing! Have a great weekend :-)



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