high five for friday

Happy Friday, everyone! 
It's been a busy week and I have a busy weekend ahead. Here's a few highlights from this week...

1. I took this picture at Qdoba because of how much queso these people gave me on my chips. After I had already had extra cheese, the cashier lady thought I didn't have enough chips, so she added more chips and then MORE cheese. I literally had triple-cheese-queso-mexican-goodness all floating in that bowl. Not good for me, but it tasted oh so good. 

2. Trying to organize my closet space better so I bought this new shoe rack from Target.
Thinking about getting another one to put on the side of it. 

3. Got some new goodies when I went on a trip to our outlet mall. I'm loving blouses and statement necklaces, so these are a few of what I picked up that day. 

4. I've been running around town buying some decorations and food for my nephew's birthday party this Saturday. I've always liked paper lanterns, but never had a reason to buy some. So I finally had a reason to busy some. :)

5. Speaking of my cute little 2 year old, I got to see him on his birthday. I can't believe he's already two years old. Time is flying by so fast!  


  1. I'm all about statement necklaces these days!!! So happy I found your blog on High Five Friday! Definitely a new follower!

    XOXO -

  2. Love the blouses and necklaces!! Where did you get them??

    1. Thanks girl! Blouse on the right is from Banana Republic factory store and necklaces are from Frock Candy (available on frockcandy.com) :)

      xoxo, Mal

  3. Love that blouse in picture number 3!

  4. Loving those necklaces in picture 3! So cute (:

    La Vita e Bella,

  5. Love the blouses and necklaces ! New follower! :)

    Andrea and the Beauty Blog


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