Hangout Fest 2013

Remember the girl who used to blog on the reg more than twice a week about beauty-related things? Yeah, me too. But sometimes life gets in the way. I'm learning not to put a post just for the sake of having one up. I'm just writing as I find the time and inspiration. I'm trying! Hope that's okay with you guys. Anyway, today I'm sharing some photos from my recent trip to Hangout Music Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama! 

It's been a few years since I've attended a full-blown music festival, I really don't enjoy music festivals just because the large crowds in the hot sun can bother me. But this one's a little different. It's right on the beach. So I had high hopes for the weekend and it exceeded all expectations. I was in heaven. For three days, I just laid on the beach, brought out my inner hippie, listened to music, drank a few beers, and soaked up the sun. It was absolutely amazing! I definitely want to go back next year. So depending on the line-up, it's on the wish list! 

The highlights of the artists I was able to see were Macklemore, Imagine Dragons, Bassnectar, Afrojack, Ellie Goulding, Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Not going to lie, I was so excited for Kings of Leon, and they just weren't all that great after seeing so many artists after them who connected with the audience and played their hearts out. Their music was good, I just didn't feel a huge connection with them like all the other artists.  

Seeing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform "thrift shop" and "can't hold us" was awesome. It's funny how you get sick of a song that's way overplayed on the radio, but when you hear it live, everyone just goes crazy excited. I have so many videos that I just keep re-watching, pretending I'm still there! 

And Imagine Dragons. Holy moly. Their music is crazy good and Dan Reynolds (the lead singer) was incredibly humble. I like seeing artists like that. Makes me want to support them even more.  

I also highly enjoyed being "au naturale" for the weekend. Just some BB cream (which served as my sunscreen) and waterproof mascara, and natural hair. Very low maintenance for me.

My dream line-up for next year would include Florence + the Machine, Lana Del Rey, Mumford and Sons, and Coldplay.  And more time for Imagine Dragons. That's not too much to ask! 

See you next year, Hangout! (I hope...)

xo, Mallory

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