everyday makeup routine

So, its 7 a.m. and I've hit the snooze about 10 times already. After fixing my hair, brushing my teeth, washing my face, and applying moisturizer, the last thing I have time to do is "play" with makeup. Thus, the need to have an everyday makeup routine. The goal: simple and quick. I keep my everyday products together, so I don't have to go digging in drawers for things. The products will change up from time to time, but I try to stick with what I know works for me.

So, without further adieu, here is my very simple everyday makeup:

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro primer: I just dab four little dots on my face and rub it in to create a “smooth canvas.” I don’t love this primer, but going to use it up before trying a new one. 

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Foundation: This is a brand new foundation in the ColorStay line and not the usual ColorStay liquid foundation I would normally use. I’m trying/testing this one and so far, loving it. It might even replace my liquid foundation. More on that in a future blog post.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser: I’m blessed with not having hardly any dark circles under my eyes, but when I’m looking super tired, I reach for this dark circle eraser. I tried this one after reading rave reviews, and it really does live up to its hype... for me, at least. 

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder: Probably the easiest thing to apply. Just tap my brush in the cap then apply all over my face to set my foundation and concealer.

ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink: I dust a little blush on the apples of my cheeks to give my face some color and definition. If I don’t use blush, I’ll use my Tarte bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks, or sometimes both depending on the day. ELF really does have some great blushes and they are only $3.00 at Target!

NYX Eye Shadow Base: I use this as primer on my eye lid. It’s a skin-toned color and is easy to blend on my lids. This base isn’t as long-lasting as UD Primer Potion, but it does the job for a regular day.

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2I’ll do an in-depth compare/contrast of the UD Naked Palettes, but for everyday looks, I’ll use Tease on the lid/crease, and Foxy as a highlight under my browbone. This palette has the better “daytime” colors because they are cool tone neutrals, whereas the original Naked Palette is darker neutrals.

L’oreal Voluminus Mascara in Carbon Black: I just apply this mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I can't say enough about this mascara. If you haven't tried this one yet... it's only $6 at the drugstore, and you can thank me later.

For lips, I switch it up everyday. I grab whatever my hand touches first in my purse. I love NYX MegaShine lip gloss (in Beige or Sweetheart) or a Revlon Super Lustrous gloss. Those stay in my purse and I use them throughout the day. 

That’s pretty much it. One thing I didn’t mention and will cover in an upcoming post are the brushes I use, which need some love too. Stay tuned! Have a happy and safe 4th of July! 


  1. Awesome! Sounds like you have the routine down to an exact science!



  2. I have been wanting to try the new Revlon Colorstay whipped foundation. I can't wait to read your review on that!

  3. How are you liking the Revlon colorstay whipped creme foundation? The mary kay foundation I'm using just isn't working. I dont get good coverage and my face feels very oily. I thinking about trying this.

    1. I REALLY REALLY like it. I'm working on a post for a few different things from the Revlon ColorStay line-- foundation, eye shadows, and eyeliner. I'll have it up this week or next!

    2. I can't wait to read it!


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