no-heat beachy waves

As you know, I was in Florida all last week. I tried to take full advantage of the care-free beach atmosphere. For me, that meant little to no makeup and minimal hair care. On a typical day or night, I blow dry (or air dry if time) and straighten my hair. But, during the trip I really wanted to use no heat and minimal products to get a somewhat decent “beachy wave.”

I have long, thick straight hair that frizzes easily, so that’s why I usually stick to my trusty straightener. But, after having some luck with these products, I decided to try this process every day last week. And I have to say, I was really happy with the outcome.

To get the look, I don’t brush my hair when it’s wet. I just let the craziness of the “just taken down from the towel” hair do its thing. I let it dry a tad so its not dripping wet.

I first spray the Aussie Sprunch on most of my hair, and really concentrate on the ends. Then I just scrunch and sprunch (?) my hair with my hands til it starts to get crazy wavy. The Aussie Spray (non-aerosol) is just a little sticky and feels like a light hair spray, which is what helps the waves form and stay. I really recommend the Aussie Sprunch Spray if you’re on a tight budget.

Then I spray the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray on the top portions of my hair to add some texture. I scrunch some more. Then I lightly spray all over my hair and scrunch some more until it’s exactly how I want it.

All the scrunching causes some major flyaways and frizz. To tame that, I use the Aveda Smoothing Fluid. I focus this on areas with the most frizz, but apply lightly on the roots.

I loved this hairstyle for the beach. It is so easy and much better for your hair than blow drying and straightening.

Let me know if you have other products you use for waves or if you try this one out! 


  1. It looks like I found your blog at just the right time! I was just in Sephora the other day debating whether or not to buy the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray! Seems like you thought it worked well so I guess I will give it a try - good tip about the flyaways though, I will make sure to get a smoothing cream as well.

    I'd love it if we could follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin. Your blog is really great!

    xx Elizabeth


  2. can you come to the store with me and just point out what i need?


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