it's friday!

1. Finally (it's been months) fixed my watch! And added some new rose gold arm candy from Derng.  

2. I had some fun picking up new Fall & Halloween decor. I didn't know I liked glitter pumpkins until just a few days ago. 

3. Finally got my hands on a dupe for Chanel's Peridot polish. This one is Rare and Radiant by China Glaze from the Bohemian collection. It looks exactly like the Chanel version. Hard to photograph though since it looks three-four different colors, depending on the lighting. Opaque in just one coat for me!

4. Definitely broke out the Leaves candle this week. Bath & Body Works is candle heaven-- and Leaves is the best of the best. And I'm loving this year's new packaging. 

5. All this fall stuff, and I spent my labor day out by the pool. That's Louisiana for ya.
Daiquiris + Burgers on the grill + pool day = the essentials for a successful labor day. 

See more H54F posts on Lauren's blog! 

Did you see my fall shopping list from yesterday? 
Have a good one everyone! 


  1. Glitter pumpkins - surprisingly great! lol. would never have thought of that myself but they look very cute. :)


  2. Hi! Dropping by from H54F!

    Those decorations are SO cute!! The glitter pumpkin is just perfect :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. haha i didn't know i loved glitter pumpkins until this week! it's amazing what pinterest can help you learn about yourself.

    happy friday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  4. i love the pumpkin!

  5. I love the peridot dupe you found! I have the sally hansen dupe.


  6. The prospect of Halloween shopping makes me so excited for fall! Love this post and your blog! I'm now following through bloglovin', feel free to check out my blog too!

    x Ellie


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