theBalm Nude 'Tude Palette Review

If there is one staple makeup product to have, a neutral eye palette is what I would recommend. A good neutral palette should be able to give you a full look with just the shadows in the palette. 

What I look for in a neutral palette include: shimmery white or bright pink shade for highlighting, light pinks, shimmery gold, matte or semi-frosty taupe, and a matte black shade. 
This Nude 'Tude palette by theBalm palette offers just that.... and more great options! 

Don't get me wrong, I love my Urban Decay Naked palettes, but those can run you about $50 each. And this palette is not a "dupe" by any means, but it offers some similar everyday neutral shades that are just as great of quality as the UD palettes. There's also some great dark shades that can easily be used for any smokey eye if you prefer a more dramatic look.

Not to mention, any packaging by theBalm is super cute! 


Sassy is a frosty white.
Stubborn is a pale shimmering pink.
Selfish is a metallic taupe.

Sophisticated is a shimmery bronzed taupe.

Sexy is matte mahogany/burgundy.

 Serious is a true matte black.

All of these shades above are very pigmented.

Snobby is a light yellow-gold.

Stand-Offish is a metallic pinky-champagne.

Sultry is a matte medium brown.

Seductive soft shimmery bronze.

Silly is a rich brown with gold shimmer.

Sleek is a dark matte brown.

Do you own this palette?
What are you favorite shades?


  1. What a great palette, there's sooo many good colors in there! My favs are the "snobby" and "seductive." :)

    xo Ashley

  2. The packaging is really cute!

  3. this is simply adorable!

    followed your blog! would love a follow back (:


  4. I own a bunch of neutral palettes and i just can't get enough (naked and naked 2, this palette, and many more).. I really like this palette but it just didn't feel as sturdy as my urban decay ones.. Plus the brush broke when i was just touching it >.<


    Great review :)


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