lip stains: tarte vs. revlon

I'm not much of a lip stain girl. The bold lip stains that I have tried made me look like Edward Cullen just took a bite of Bella for dinner. Point is- after cringing at myself in the mirror after two different attempts of trying lip stains, I've kinda given up on this product. 
Some things just weren't made for everyone, right?

My personal preference are lip balms, tinted lip balms, and lipstick.  Only problem is, I often always forget to re-apply throughout the day, thus just looking plain jane. Then I started becoming really interested in these crayon-shaped "lip balm stains" popping up everywhere that claim to be a moisturizing lip stain offering a glossy finish, increased moisture, and long-lasting color. First by Clinique and Tarte, and now Revlon. 

The Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Stains have been around for a while. They claim to provide hours of moisture and lasting color on your lips and they "naturally increase the skin's water content for a 'plumped up' appearance." Ingredients include Jojoba oil, Vitamins C and E, and Peppermint oil. And as with any Tarte product, they are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, and sulfate. 
Tarte LipSurgence retails for $24.00 and there are seven shades to choose from. 

This year, Revlon released the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, an obvious attempt at putting a similar product to out-do the Tarte version for a third of the cost.
These can cost $7.00 - $9.00 and they come in twelve shades. 

What is really great about both products is the packaging. 
Both have a retractable crayon, so a sharpener is not needed.

[L to R: Tarte Amused, Revlon Sweetheart, Revlon Cherish]

How They Apply
Tarte Amused is a darker coral/red that applies more sheer than you would expect. The label says "natural lip stain" so the fact that it applies more sheer makes sense. This glides on so smoothly. It really feels moisturizing and has a strong mint scent.

The Revlon stains apply more true to color. I find that the Sweetheart applies very opaque and Cherish is a little more sheer, but both are "what you see is what you get." These also have a strong minty scent. They apply a little less smooth than the one by Tarte. 

[Tarte Amused, Revlon Sweetheart, Revlon Cherish]

Which one lasts longer and is a truly a stain?
I find that the Revlon outlasts the Tarte. 

So which is worth the purchase?
It depends on your preference. 
If you prefer a more "natural" lip stain, with very moisturizing ingredients, and have a little more money to spend, I would go with Tarte. 
If you are looking for a long-lasting "stain" with a wide range of colors to choose from and don't want to spend that much, go with Revlon. 

They are both great! For me, it comes down to price. I would have to choose Revlon! 

Do you own these? 
Which do you think you prefer? 
Have you ever tried the Clinique version (chubby sticks)? 
I'm curious! 


  1. Need to try the Revlon. I love lipstain, yesterday I put it on at 7 am and still had color by late afternoon!

    xo Ashley

  2. I want to try the revlon lip stain!

  3. The first lipstick I ever had was a chubby stick! I don't know if I can give a qualified opinion because it was literally years and years ago but I've been having such an issue finding a lipstick/stain/lip color that I like, isn't too bold? And stays on

  4. Loving the Revlon. Another fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. xo


  5. I literally just bought the Revlon "sweetheart" this past weekend, and I love it. Great post, as always.

    xo Augenie


  6. Anonymous12/02/2012

    thanks for sharing.


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