Revlon ColorStay Foundations

Allow me to get on my Revlon ColorStay Foundation soap box. 
One of my favorite "long lasting" makeup lines from the drugstore is Revlon Colorstay. I haven't tried a product from them that I haven't liked. There are similar lines by other brands such as Covergirl Outlast and Maybelline SuperStay, but I think Revlon does it best. I will share my thoughts on more products from the line, but I want to start with foundations. 

What I love about the liquid ColorStay foundation: the color and skin type selections. There's a wide range of colors to choose from based on your skin type. You can choose from Normal/Dry and Combo/Oily; then choose warm or cool tone; then your exact color from there. You're bound to find one that matches. It is a little bit of a thicker consistency, which what I think helps it to cover everything and last all day. 

This foundation will last you all day, and longer. I like applying with my Sigma Sigmax foundation brush and setting with MAC Mineralized Skin Finish. 

My only downfall about this foundation is that it does dry fast when applying. My suggestion is to work in sections. I start with cheeks, then forehead, then nose/chin and blend it all together. You kind of have to work fast. If you do this, you can avoid any streaks. 

I've used the liquid foundation every day for over two years... until.... 

It was going to take a lot for something to de-throne my Revlon liquid foundation, and of course, it had to be another from the line to do it. Revlon released this over the summer. I was very skeptical about this "whipped" thing at first. I've tried mousse-like foundations before, and found them to be very flaky and not give enough coverage. I was also worried it would leave me "shiny." I was wrong, wrong, wrong. 

This foundation does exactly what I need to do. It is lightweight, gives excellent coverage, long-lasting, and does not leave me shiny. I use my Sigma Sigmax foundation brush to apply it and set it lightly with MAC Mineralized Skin Finish. Like I've said before, I have oily skin and this really does keep me shine-free for 8+ hours. In the photo above you can see it leaves a pretty natural finish. 

Now that I've raved about how well it works. I do have a big problem with the packaging. It looks nice, but that's about where it stops for me. This is in a glass jar, which makes it very heavy. Not at all convenient for traveling. And, the fact that you have to use your fingers to get the product out makes the germaphobe in me freak out just a little. However, the way around this is to use a tiny plastic spatula stick or sanitize your hands thoroughly before dipping in (as you should before any makeup application.) 
Can't you just put your foundation in a pump, Revlon... pretty please? 

Also, there is not a wide range of colors like the liquid. I think there is 12 total. You kind of just have to take a stab at it in the store. I have Natural Beige and Medium Beige and they both match well. I bought the Medium for the summer time, when I was a little darker. Natural is just a shade lighter and matches my skin now for the fall/winter seasons. 

So, that's my only beef with the whipped foundation. I just love how well it works for my skin, which is how I get past my issues with the packaging. I've been reaching for the whipped foundation every single day. 

Revlon ColorStay Liquid retails for $11.99.
Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Foundation retails for $13.99. 

Have you tried either of these foundations? 
What are your "holy grail" foundations? 


  1. Anonymous9/13/2012

    Hi, I stumbled on your blog a couple weeks ago and actually tried the Revlon Colorstay foundation (not the whipped) yesterday, after you mentioning it in one of your posts. My skin (medium fair, in my early 30's) has become oilier so I wanted to try it for the matte-ness (?). It is really great. Reminds me of the Dr. Jart's BB I tried recently at Sephora. Anyway, I love this Revlon foundation! And I love that it's at Target!! :) Thanks! Chelsey

    1. Hi Chelsey, I'm so glad you like it! It's definitely the best drugstore option for oily skin. Let me know if you try the whipped foundation!
      xo, Mallory

  2. That foundation is my favorite! I'm so sad they don't sell whipped version around here though. Lovely post!



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