happy friday, y'all!

Happy Friday, Y'all! Another long week coming to an end. This week the wood floors in my condo were finally repaired thanks to my amazing dad who seems to know how to do anything and saved me major $$$$.  Now I'm looking forward to a good weekend and making memories at the St. Patrick's Day parade tomorrow... :)

1. Captured this pic of Mike the Tiger taking a nap after the Men's Basketball game. Sometimes I wish I could just pet him, but think I think "eh, better not." [pitch perfect, anyone?]

2. Sushi for two. Had a great dinner date with my bff and long lost sister Danielle at Ichiban's. I love being able to catch up over good food. I wouldn't mind if this became a weekly event. 

3. I had a realization this week that my brush "collection" is out of control. Washing them is such a chore, mainly because I'm just lazy. But once their clean it makes me feel so much better. If you want to see how I clean this mountain of brushes, click here

4. I scored two House of Harlow look-a-like necklaces at Wet Seal for a total of $15 thanks to a bogo 50% off sale. I can finally check that off of my "find a less expensive version" wishlist. 

5. I really really enjoyed this month's Birchbox. I'll share what I got next week! 

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Check out more H54F posts on Lauren's blog! 
xo, Mal


  1. Love your blog!!


  2. Stopping by from H54F! Just got my Birchbox this week too, pretty good month!



  3. Anonymous3/15/2013

    wow you are so lucky to have a Dad. I never had one and always do everything myself. Just to have someone help in life is amazing. You are so lucky-enjoy the time you have together and I hope you take him out to a amazing dinner for working so hard on your floors!

  4. Aww great week! And I love pitch perfect! I'm horizontal running!


    Come by my blog sometime! For some reason I thought you followed me first! :) have a good weekend! Love your blog, so cute!!

  5. I just found your blog today from yesterday's From My Grey Desk blog hop. It is so pretty! I hear you on the brushes. I did a deep cleaning the other day and it felt like an eternity. Yet somehow I keep wanting to buy more... Have a great weekend! :)

  6. Hi Mallory I've just discovered your blog and it's really lovely! I especially like this type of "weekly summary" post! If you or anyone reading this could take a quick look at my new blog and if you like it possibly become a member that would really mean a lot! I follow back too! Well done again for creating such a lovely unique blog, Sarah xx http://apricotsandamethysts.blogspot.co.uk/

  7. Your blog is really great and I'm enjoying following it, I nominated it for a Liebster on mine! Check it out:




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