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Anybody else feeling the effects of Daylight Saving Time? Now that it's completely dark outside when I wake up, my body's instant reaction is snooze... snooze.. snooze. Maybe I'll become a morning person one of these days. But that day is not today. Because of my limited time, I'm depending a lot on fast makeup application. If I'm running crazy late, I reach for products I can apply very quickly or take with me if absolutely necessary. I'd say I don't spend more than 5 minutes when I use just these products...

Smashbox BB Cream
This is a matte finish BB cream that I can trust to keep my skin oil-free all day. More on it here. I apply this with a disposable makeup sponge for quick application. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Concealer
Since BB cream doesn't completely cover the issues my skin is having as of this week, this concealer does the trick to conceal any blemishes. I love that all I have to do is twist the cap, dab a little on each spot, and blend it in with my sponge. I am blessed to not have dark circles, but if I did, I would easily double up and use this as my under eye concealer as well. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
This takes me just a few seconds to set my BB cream and concealer to lock it in place all day long. 

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium Dark
I'm quite pale right now and this gives my face some color. If I was a little more tan, I would most likely skip this step. 

ELF Blush in Pink Passion
The bright pink blush looks intimidating in the package, but a light application of this is a perfect flush of pink to perk up my face. 

Maybelline MasterDrama Eyeliner
I usually only apply eyeliner if I skip eye shadow. Lasts all day and it's a retractable eyeliner that doesn't require sharpening. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
I've raved about this product before. Just swipe a little of this using my ring finger on to my eye lids and it looks likes I actually spent time to do my makeup. 

Maybelline The Falsies Flared Mascara
I like using this mascara on days when I'm in a rush because it dries so fast. It's also the one that I can use on both my top and bottom lashes without the fear of it ever smudging throughout the day. 

If I had to shorten it down even more, I would just use BB Cream, concealer, blush, and mascara. Sometimes I like the challenge of seeing how fast I can apply my makeup. If only I was more into challenging myself to see how fast I could run... 

What makeup products do you depend on for quick makeup? 
xo, Mal


  1. I love the elf brushes, so worth the price... and gotta love the color tattoos, totally a great timer saver in the morning!

  2. I also love the Maybelline Instate Age Rewind concealer. I like is better than my MAC under eye concealer. And it's such a good price :)


  3. I can not go out the door without a tinted lip balm, eyeliner on waterline, and mascara. Three go to things for quick and put-together makeup and I'm out the door :) Love this post, definitely going to try the rimmel stay matte powder since I have very oily skin.

    Beauty to Sparkle

    1. I definitely recommend the Rimmel stay matte powder! Hopve you like it!

  4. that's absolutely right for the bad to the bronze color tattoo, just one swipe across the lids and it seems as if you took some time for your eye makeup!

  5. this got me really wanting BB cream and that age-rewind concealer! thanks for the tips!

    1. Let me know if you try it out! Both are quick and easy to apply and provide really good coverage!

  6. Great post dear! I really want to try the BB cream from Smashbox; I'e heard so many people rave about it! :))


  7. I've tried a bunch of these products, but I really want to try the Smashbox BB cream because I keep hearing such great things about it. Right now, my go-to product is the Laura Mercier mineral foundation.


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