if i only had one eye brush

If all of my makeup brushes were gone and I needed to start over, the one brush I would have to pick up ASAP would be the ELF $1.00 Essential Eye Shadow Brush. This brush is made for packing eye shadow onto the eye lid. However, I believe you could do a whole eye look with just this brush if you had to. I have smaller eyes/lids than most, and the average shadow brush is just too big for me.

 There are many mornings when I grab just this brush and use it many different ways.  If you're not using black or super dark browns, all you need to do is wipe off the excess shadow after each shade you apply to get it clean. So, now that I've explained all of that, let's get into all the things I like using this brush for.

I usually start off using it for it's intended purpose by applying my base color all over my lid. The tapered tip of the brush also makes it easy to use to apply color to the creaseNext, I'll just wipe it clean, flip the brush over, and use the clean side to blend the crease shadow to reduce any harsh lines. And lastly, I think this brush is just fine to use to apply a light highlight shade to the brow bone.

Aside from eye looks, I think you could also use this for other areas if you're in a bind and forgot your other face brushes at home, such as contouring the sides of your nose, applying a cheek highlighter, and blending under eye concealer. 

Almost all of your brushes could be used for more than their intended use. I just find this one so great because of the quality for just $1.00. You can find elf at Target, some Walmart stores, and eyeslipsface.com. And hey, if you end  up not liking it as much as me, you only spent a dollar! 

What's your go-to eye brush? 
xo, Mal


  1. I love this brush too! If I go away, it is the only eye brush I bother to take with me to save some space!

  2. Definitely going to buy this brush the next time I'm at Target!


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